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Money Transfer

We offer two methods of transferring money, all of which do not require the recipient to have internet access:

● Instant Cash from any Bank or Agent in Bangladesh: Trust Exchange , money transfers can be designated for pick up, cash in any city of Bangladesh, where we have a bank or an agent the service is provided from us.

● Bank Transfer Direct to any Bank Account: Trust Exchange offers direct bank transfers to any bank in Bangladesh.

Trust Exchange aims to provide the best range of low cost, simple and secure solutions for transferring money abroad, and is constantly looking to develop its list of recipient countries, together with its range of methods for paying and receiving money.

Trust Travel

Primarily specialising in travel services to Bangladesh, we also offer travel services to all destination across the globe. We offer flights from all International airlines such as Biman Bangladesh, Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Eithad, etc.